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Another excuse to talk about how completely hilarious “How I Met Your Mother” is! A., so we knew each other and had worked together, and it was great. And make no mistake, my friends: it’s so funny that it’s made the jump from the Bubbling Under section of our TV Power Rankings into the proper Top 20. And I’d heard he got cast, and I just called him up and said, “Are you kidding me? Alyson Hannigan’s husband) is a genius, and he’s so funny as Sandy Rivers…but Alyson, she always wants to get her friends on the show, but, luckily, they’re all fantastic, so… I guess he felt safe now; he wouldn’t tell anybody who he was thinking about, but, now, I guess he figured, “Well, if I’m not on it, I guess I can tell you! BE: Ya’ll have great chemistry…which I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times…but it kinda sucks that it was set up from day one that Ted doesn’t end up with Robin. The network, in their defense, has been really great about this show, in terms of letting us do what we want, and they haven’t tried to…all the kind of weirdness that we were talking about, they haven’t tried to tone that down. The whole series is essentially a mystery: who’s he going to end up with? Stay tuned for two weeks and we'll see what happens." Barney says his vows to Robin: The cast was very coy about their final scenes, but Harris dropped what could be a big hint for those who've wondered whether Barney and Robin make it down the aisle."Getting to say my vows to Robin Scherbatsky was a highlight," he said.It all ended in tragedy, as Marissa's ill-fated fling with bad boy Volchok (Cam Gigandet) saw him run her car off the road - she died in Ryan's arms, leaving Seth (Adam Brody) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) as Orange County's undisputed golden couple. but, in the end, it never quite happened for Ted Danson's womanising bartender and Shelley Long's academic waitress. The show has one of the best comedy ensembles on television, including Neil Patrick Harris (“Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”), Alyson Hannigan (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), and Jason Segel (“Freaks and Geeks”), but the two breakout stars of the show are Josh Radnor (Ted) and Cobie Smulders (Robin). ” () And then, once I heard Jason got cast, I thought, “Wow, I’ve found myself in really great company here,” because I had been such a big fan of “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared.” So, yeah, I don’t think there was an agenda in terms of…obviously, the network likes it if you can get people who are known, but it’s just one of those things that, in a strange alchemy of casting, the five of us just worked really well together, for whatever reason. BE: Actually, I was wondering: Joss, of course, recently made his announcement that Cobie ) Oh, my God! JR: Yeah, well, I think that’s kind of the genius part of it. It’s ) …is that I’ve had relationships in my life that meant so much to me, and I grew so much, and I’ve never wished them away, but I didn’t end up marrying them. And it’s also nice because it mirrors…there’s something…I love that this is a coming-of-age story, because our characters can grow and change. They…actually, I think that’s what they love about the show. ” And we just go back through the whole story, trying to figure out who’s fault it is and why I missed this flight…and we were talking about how it’s actually all the scenes of the series, or the writing theme of the series, encapsulated in one episode: all the crazy twists and turns of fate that lead you to where you need to be. BE: By the way, just let me know if you have to go. Bullz-Eye was fortunate enough to score a few minutes with Radnor to brief him on the accolade his show has earned, and immediately thereafter, we unabashedly quizzed him on all things “How I Met Your Mother.” Bullz-Eye: Hello? BE: I guess Craig being a big “Buffy” fan explains why the, uh, have been sprinkled throughout. A lot of sitcoms, they’re locked into this persona…and Ted and Robin will be different people this season, and they’ll change as we change; they’ll change as the show changes and we grow up. BE: Oh, yeah…but it just seemed like something where CBS would’ve said, “No way! And we get a…I don’t understand much about ratings and demos and all that nonsense, but we really do pull in a much younger audience than they’re used to getting. ( more fractured and non-linear, and that was one where they said, “Help us out here. Oh, no, it’s not Barney’s fault, it’s actually Marshall’s fault. And the other thing that’s…there are certain episode that we call…well, Craig and I call them the “mystery episodes,” where something happens like Barney and Lily wake up in bed together…Ted meets a girl at a wedding, but who is she? I only have a few more questions, but I don’t want to hold you up. But I’ve recommended a lot of music that they’ve used.

On the other hand, Clark's pairing with Allison Mack's savvy young journalist Chloe Sullivan was dynamite - surely this is one of US TV's best couplings that never happened?

"It's surprising," Thomas said of the show, totally dodging the question that opened the panel.