Infobox book image param needs updating

20-Jan-2017 13:53

Siegfried Graetschus (9 June 1916 – 14 October 1943) was a German SS functionary at the Sobibor extermination camp during Operation Reinhard, the deadliest phase of the Holocaust in occupied Poland.

He was assassinated by a Sonderkommando prisoner during the Sobibor uprising.

He succeeded Erich Lachmann as commander of the approximately 200 Ukrainian Trawniki guards at Sobibor.

Infoboxes are informational summaries of an article's key points.

Adolf Strauss (6 September 1879 – 20 March 1973) was a general in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during World War II.

There's also something of a need to specify the location of printing.

So in practice a format like: is needed, where each element is optional. But my main concern is about the semantic nature vs the presentation nature of template parameters.

We want readers to be able to click on the link and go directly to the external site (instead of the image's page).

Therefore, the image parameters will not be modified.With "published" we are putting a lot of data into one parameter.

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