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Citizens of the Union holding a valid ordinary, diplomatic, service, official or special passport issued by a Member State may enter and stay without a visa in the territory of Peru for the period of stay as defined in Article 4(1).For that category of persons, Peru may decide on the visa requirement or the visa waiver for the citizens of each Member State individually in accordance with its national law. The visa waiver provided for by this Agreement shall apply without prejudice to the laws of the Contracting Parties relating to the conditions of entry and short stay.The Member States and Peru reserve the right to refuse entry into and short stay in their territories if one or more of these conditions is not met. The visa waiver applies regardless of the mode of transport used to cross the borders of the Contracting Parties. Issues not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by Union law, the national law of the Member States and by the national law of Peru. Citizens of the Union may stay in the territory of Peru for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period. Citizens of Peru may stay in the territory of the Member States fully applying the Schengen . This Agreement does not affect the possibility for Peru and the Member States to extend the period of stay beyond 90 days in accordance with their respective national laws and Union law. As regards the French Republic, this Agreement shall apply only to the European territory of the French Republic. As regards the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this Agreement shall apply only to the European territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.For trekking in the mountains, including the Inca Trail, these are by far the best months.

This is also the best time of the year to visit the Amazon basin: Mosquitoes are fewer, and many fauna stay close to the rivers (although some people prefer to travel in the jungle during the wet season, when higher water levels allow for more river penetration).) Commission Implementing Decision 2014/874/EU of 3 December 2014 amending Decision 2008/866/EC, on emegency measures suspending imports from Peru of certain bivalve molluscs intended for human consumption, as regards its period of application (OJ L 349, 5.12.2014, p.

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